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open Whale Genome Page is a personal site for collecting, analyzing, and distributing whale genome information openfreely.

Please check  for the official whale genome project.

 The whale is the largest mammal in 4.6 billion years of Earth's history and is known to have walked on land around 60 million years ago and has evolved from the ancestor of the order Artiodactyla (even-toed) including cows, pigs, and hippos. When deciphered completely, Minke whale genome can contribute significantly to understand the evolution of sea faring mammals on Earth.

 A bowhead whale, the longest living creature among mammals, is estimated to have life span of 150~200 years. Hence, whale genome analysis is expected to provide an important clue to longevity and aging of mammals.


List of whales


Whale genome related reference

Comparative genomic analysis of the whale (Pseudorca crassidens) PRNP locus


The Whale Genome Project by KIOST


Exgternal Links and News

Nature Genetics Paper on this research work. 24th Nov. 2013
Minke whale genome and aquatic adaptation in cetaceans

Bowhead whale genome

Bowhead Whale Genome home page


Minke Whale Genome Project Data
Data for review process are available at Balaeoptera acutorostrata scammoni Genome

NCBI web site: Minke Whale Genome at NCBI

Rawdata for Minke whale assembly are also available.


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